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A volcano made my faith drain away

The Fog Horn ~

I became a Christian due to a few things...fear of the New Age and belief it did make people self-centered and rather showy, fear of rising Islam and the belief more people needed to become religious in order to harmonize better, and the belief in the sanctity of marriage, the importance of the family, etc.

The Mount Bromo volcano on the island Java of ...Image via Wikipedia
One day though, while watching a YouTube film made by Chris White, the evangelical Christian who uses fear mongering tactics about the New Age to entice people in, I heard something that registered with me.

'Does that not look like a volcano to you?'

That line was spoken by a New-Ager and Chris was, in his video, supposed to then debunk this 'crazy' idea. Well, he failed to do so. He skimmed over the subject and made rather clutching claims like, 'Well he couldn't have been as he's all powerful'. From that moment on my faith drained out of me at an alarming rate and try as I may I could not debunk the theory either.

After many months of soul searching and heavy research on the subject, I have come to the firm conclusion this theory holds ground and is worthy if intense and widespread investigation. Unfortunately, right now, it's hardly getting a look-in. What atheist do you know who would consider the possibility the Bible might be based on some facts? What theists would consider the possibility God was a volcano? This theory is getting off like a lead balloon, which is sad because not only do I firmly believe in it but I also feel it holds the key to relieving the sorrow associated with losing faith. A few weeks after I lost my faith due to this I saw the funny side and have yet to stop feeling elated. I find it so incredibly hysterical I certainly do not suffer any detrimental psychological effects due to becoming an apostate.

Please please please look into this and pass the message on for others to do the same. Don't reject this idea too quickly. It needs to be pondered on for a long time. Freud thought this. Unfortunately for him he didn't live to see it become viral. I'm hoping I will. I think it will make the world a better place. No longer would Jews think they are the golden children, no longer would Christians act all high and mighty and no longer would little Muslim boys be blown up in the name of Allah.

Please help.