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Moving from non-Christian to anti-Christian

By Older1 ~

I’ve been just a live-and-let-live non-Christian for many years, but now I find myself moving toward being decidedly anti-Christian. While I find the extremist Christians repulsive and the social and political agenda of the religious right to be diametrically opposite the so-called Christian values they claim to follow, my more recent movement toward direct opposition to Christianity is based on the fact that so many of the more liberal Christians remain silent in the face of the extremists that seem to grab the headlines.

Christian right protestor at Tea marchImage via Wikipedia
Yes, there have been a few notable moments when even conservative Christians have called the whackos out, most recently in the case of Terry Jones and his Burn A Koran Day, and a few folks who have spoken out about the Westboro Baptist fanatics, but in the main, those Christians who might be liberal seem reluctant to stand up against the others who, for example, insist that we are a Christian nation and the Constitution contains no “wall of separation,” or those who terrify little children with fears of hell and damnation. While those are only two of many examples, my point is that the practice of Christianity today by adherents who make the most noise is, again, in opposition to the positive values supposedly contained therein and those persons and groups who could most effectively call them on it are complicit by their silence. And because of this silence I can no longer respect even those whose social and political attitudes are otherwise more aligned with common human decency.

It would seem to me that, for liberal Christians, the right thing to do would be to take an overt stand for moderation and sanity, but for some reason I cannot find, they remain mute in the face of the growing demagoguery of the fascists of the faith, and are thereby equally guilty for the monstrosity called Christianity.