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Pastor jailed for murder

David K. Love, a former Baptist pastor in Independence, was jailed on a murder warrant Tuesday in Spartanburg, S.C.

Love was minister of the New Hope Baptist Church, attended by Randy Stone, an insurance agent found shot to death in his Independence office on March 31.

Neither the Independence Police Department nor the Jackson County Prosecutor’s Office would comment Tuesday night on the South Carolina development.

Jail records indicate that Love, 50, was living in Boiling Springs, S.C. He also is listed as a “fugitive from justice,” and a jail official said the case involved a Missouri murder charge.

At Stone’s memorial service, Love spoke of their friendship, developed over the 10 years the Stone family attended New Hope. Love left the church later in April.

Investigators carried out a search warrant in April at the church at 18000 E. Lexington Road and questioned “persons of interest.” The church issued a press release Tuesday evening, saying it has “fully cooperated.”

“Anytime someone in leadership is accused of wrong, it can shake the faith of others,” it noted, but it asked that everyone recognize that the church was full of good Christian families.

At the time of his death, Stone, 42, was in the process of leaving Farmer’s Insurance and setting himself up as an independent agent. He also had left New Hope, according to Shannon Bell, his sister.

Bell said Stone had been very active at New Hope, attending Sunday and Wednesday services. He drove one of the Sunday school bus routes and traveled with his wife and two children to help others working to establish new churches.

Shannon Bell said her brother’s spirituality clearly had grown during his years at New Hope with Pastor Love.

“David was a good preacher, down to earth,” she said.

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