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Have we evolved enough yet?

By Dano ~

I'm not in the mood to make any effort to compose an intricate piece of prose so I just want to ask some questions (rhetorical really), and see if I get any answers.

  • 1. What kind of person can pretend to be religious, and proudly proclaim their "bornagainess", just so they can be politically correct?

E.g. politicians who commit all of your generic crimes, and misdemeanors, such as theft ,(taking money from lobbyists) Not paying their taxes, soliciting sex with minors, adultery, voting for outlandish pay raises, and perks for themselves, while at the same time voting to raise our taxes. Who distort the truth to such an extent to get elected, that to watch their election adds on TV is down right funny.

I don't think I would ever get elected dog catcher, because I'm such a poor liar I always get caught.

I suspect that they are of the same species as those who pretend to care about the environment, and then drive a vehicle that gets 10 miles to the gallon, and live in 40 room houses.

  • 2. What planet are people from, who can live at a time when getting information about anything, is as easy as typing a keyword into "search", and can stand up in front of a couple of million people on TV, and say they don't believe in evolution, because scientists haven't found the "missing link", or spend their lives in a ridiculous quest for Noah's Ark, or trying to explain stuff in the bible that doesn't have as much believability as your average children's fairy tale?

I see these people as being criminally brainwashed by a cult, as children, when they were defenseless to it. (child abuse)

  • 3.What kind of philosophy teaches that everything pleasurable and beautiful, and good, is a sin, and no person on the face of the earth deserves to be happy unless they abstain from all rational thought and submit to being indoctrinated by a cult?

  • 4. What self replicating virus (meme), can you contract as a child, that makes your whole life a fearful, self hating, confusing, mess, and can only be killed, by the blinding light of reason, and truth?

  • 5.What kind of person can call themselves "Christian" and then write books apologizing for being one?

Of course we here, who sit in front of our computers, all know the answers to these questions, with the exceptions of those who have stumbled across this web site by accident, and are still victims of the above.

Don't we?