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Prayer for an Atheist

By KFR ~

My son,who is 41 years old, has suffered a brain aneurysm. We were able to get help for him quickly and it looks like he will be OK. I am getting frustrated and angry at all of the relatives on both sides of the family who call to tell us we are in their prayers, and knowing that I am an atheist, give a little sermon about why I should believe as if my son's aneurysm is a "teaching moment."

Here's the thing. These Christians seem to believe that they are doing something great for us. How much effort is a prayer? It would seem that it replaces any other action like a hug, a visit, a card, or an offer to bring sandwiches and fruit to the ICU for the family.

Here is the other thing: By their faulty reasoning, a god who can answer their prayer to heal my son, also caused this to happen. Yet they don't seem to think of these things in the same sentence. They seem to be unreasonable and self-righteous hypocrites who are incapable of critical thinking and logic.

I am tired, scared, and hoping that my son will be OK with this genetic snafu, and they think their little prayer will fix it. I guess they feel better. I always did believe that being in touch with god was sort of a selfish self-worship.

Thanks for letting me rant.