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The Time Has Come

By Neal Stone --

So here I am. Finally finding the courage to come out. Slowly, but surely. Not come out as gay, but as my current standing as an Agnostic-Atheist. It’s a slow process letting go of not believe in a deity.

I have currently setup my web site and announced it on Facebook. In the site I tell my story and what I believe and where I am headed. And yes I talk a bit about computers too. Hey I’m a geek though I deny the existence of Steve Jobs.

What happens next will be a long road. As I will have to explain to many what lead to this and why this route. I will get the usual questions and challenges from believers as well as the usual quotes about why they believe and what.

What I am looking for now is two things.

  1. Visit my site and give me feed back. It’s still a work in progress so bare with me. But I am open to ideas and comments.
  2. I want to know what the most common arguments, questions, challenges and quotes you get from Christians and how to refute them. How would you answer them in other words. I need to arm myself as the questions will come.

The name of my site is “Off The Narrow Road”. I am thinking of doing a book about my life as well with a similar title.

So visit my site at and let me know what you think. Look forward to seeing you there.

Neal Stone

PS. Thanks to all here who have been supportive of me.