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God has verbally showed his Love to me

From Kare --

Hi everyone. I am so sorry to hear all the pain in your comments about how u do not believe in God.
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God is so real. I was hurting once to. God gave me Freedom. Freedom of Life, peace and extended his unconditional, Love acceptance, and Forgiveness.

There are alot of people that do confesss to b Christian and be judgeemental, critising, holier than thou, or just fake. I understand some of ur points. Then again non believers arent perfect either. non of us are, but God loves us w no strings attached.

Please dont remain in your unbelief. you dont have to do this or that, go to a certain church, or be perfect. God just desires a relationship w you. There are true Christians out there that will share the unconditional Love of God with you. please dont be angry at the things you have experienced in life.

I as well have an extremly painful and abusive past. I dont blame God. God only sends blessings and Freedom to us. We just have to repent , believe and recieve him. God has verbally showed his Love to me.

those who are hurting and havent gave up hope, and those of you that have gavin up; Pls. know that there is someone out there who is real, transparent, and true. Pls dont give up on God. He loves you and knows your heart, and feels your pain. Pls dont allow Satan to keep u n a place of fear and unbelief. I was there as well. I didnt recieve healing from God becuase of any certain person, cause people do let us down. I recieved healing and Freedom from the God who loves us and cares for u no matter what we have done in the past.

Feel free to write me if u desire to have a friend that will love u and care and pray for you, and not judge the things surrounding u.

I love u all and pray in Jesus name that you will recieve these words of encouragement and not personally attack me or God, there is help for the helpless, strength for the weak n for those who are sick of or even hate church. Not about church, is about relationship w God. God will be faithful and true to u w no strings attached.
I am not a part of any cult or group. I worship and Praise God and all he has done for me abd brought me out of. Life is amazingly sweeter w God in it.

Pls. dont turn him away bc of hurts and pains of your past.

its a New Day. y not start it with someone who loves you so much. im here for you, but pls respect me and not lash out on me ok? thank u.

loves and smiles to u :)