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Dialog with an Evangelical

By Andrew --

I am very well read when it comes to the bible, both old and new testaments. I have read every bit of it at least once. As I mentioned in my testimonial of leaving Christianity on this site, reading the bible is what really pushed my away for good. Recently, I have had the good fortune of being evangelized to at college by a member of the Campus Crusade for Christ (CCC).
Peter Pan and/or vs. the Campus Crusade for ChristImage by C.M. via Flickr
I'm sure some of you on this site know of these people. Strangely, I was actually glad he tried to spread the gospel to me, because I was very much ready for anything he had to offer. I wanted to test my new non-Christian position, and the knowledge that came with it. I'm going to tell you the conversation we had, paraphrased of coarse:

Scene: I'm eating lunch by myself in the cafeteria reading some notes for the next class I was going to after my lunch break. Enter CCC Guy.

CCC Guy: Hey, do you mind if I sit and ask you a few important questions?

Me: (grinning as i saw a bible in his bag) Sure, I have some time.

CCC Guy: Where do you think you are going to go when you die?

Me: in a pine box under some earth...

CCC Guy: Thats grim. No heaven or hell or anything like that?

Me: nope. But before you go on, you are a member of CCC, correct?

CCC Guy: Guilty

Me: then lets cut to the chase, shall we? I used to be a Christian, but I lost my faith in it, and I don't see it ever coming back. though you can try if you like

CCC Guy: interesting...well, what made you leave the faith?

Me: I actually read the bible for myself.

CCC Guy: well, I actually read the bible for myself, but its only making my faith stronger...

Me: Get out your bible and let me show you what turned me away from it.

CCC Guy: fair enough (gets out the NKJV bible).

Me: Go to Exodus 21:7 (He turns to it and reads it). Its giving liberty to fathers to sell their daughters to another person to be a servant/slave...this is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the bible giving the ok to slavery, and that verse says you can even sell your own DAUGHTER as a slave.

CCC Guy: Well, times were different back then and that was before Jesus' resurrection... (blah blah blah, he said some more things that just danced around the point I was making).

Me: OK, well read Exodus 22:29 then. (he turns to it and reads it). Thats god telling the Jews to sacrifice their firstborns, as they do to cattle and other animal sacrifices...

CCC Guy: No, he's saying how they were to be dedicated to god ALIVE, not sacrificed. They were circumcised at that age...

Me: Thats BS. If you turn to Ezekiel 20:25-26, Thats god referencing and apologizing for such an awful rule. And he's supposed to be perfect and loving but fair god...

CCC Guy: well god changed things by sending his son Jesus...(blah blah, more dancing around the points I presented)

Me: well Jesus in Matthew chapter 5 says the old testament is still a book of holy law...

CCC Guy: (blah blah blah, more garbage that I can't remember)

Me: Listen, I have to go to class now, but let me leave with this bit of food for thought: I will never condone slavery or human sacrifice like the bible blatantly does, and I know deep down inside you do not either...So long.

I thought that would entertain you guys, and perhaps even teach a few people about how atrocious the bible can be.