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Why indeed?

By Houndies -- 

A while back I had what I would call an epiphany. Now, I can be a little slow on the uptake sometimes and many of you might have already had this thought. If so, forgive me as I am just now catching up. My thought was, "If there was an all powerful Christian god, why in the world would He need a bible to communicate with his people?"

It seems, according to the bible, that He used to actually visit and communicate with his peeps. There was no bible for Adam and Eve. God just showed up, coffee in hand, and started chatting. "Hey, did I (AM) ever tell you guys about the time I (AM) created... blah, blah, blah." Of course, later there were others He chatted with: Moses, Noah, the Devil, David and so on.

It's my understanding that these were actual dialogues, not signs or interpreted words. At what point did God stop communicating and decide He'd just have a few members of His flawed creation jot it all down for the future generations in a book called the bible? A select group that jotted it down in such a pathetic manner (You'd think an all-knowing god would have seen that one coming!) that his beloved people would spend the next few thousand years fighting and killing each other as they divided over the book's vague and cryptic passages.

I would think if there were a god that He might have proofread the bible before final printing, and when He found it so confusing and contradictory He might have scraped the whole thing, or hired another set of writers. But no. What we have is a jumble of confusion that people have based their whole lives on in hopes of an eternal reward. An eternal reward that is suppose to include communing with the Big Guy Himself.

I wonder if they ever think about why god doesn't come down and walk amongst them now as He supposedly did our ancestors. And I don't mean the "god is everywhere" notion or the "He speaks to me in my heart" rhetoric. I mean the face-to-face dialogue that He supposedly carried on "Once upon a time." (Though the bible says no one has seen the face of god. I wondered how that worked). The face-to-face conversation that leaves no questions. I'll use this example: When I do a tile job for a customer, I know exactly what tile we're using, what pattern they want, and what color grout we're using. I know this because I stand face to face with them and they tell me. I don't show up to the job and find a vague note that leaves me scratching my head and saying "Huh?"

The thought of an all powerful god needing a bible to communicate was really a big lightbulb for me once again reinforcing my belief that there is no god.