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A defining moment

By darklady --

In every person's life there are some defining moments. One of mine came one day while doing nothing in particular,
Dreaming DreamsImage by Pensiero via Flickr
when I realised that the only way my family was every going to climb out of its poverty and the cycle of brokenness that was an ongoing frustration in my life, was if I did something about it.

This may not sound like much of a revelation to some of you, but for me it was huge. I had been waiting for my husband to step up and take control, to be the breadwinner, the decision maker, (as I had been taught through the church that he should be as the ‘head’ of the house). I had ‘faithfully’ prayed and really believed that this would happen.

It never did and it never would, (and there are many reasons for that including childhood abuse issues that have never been resolved).

So it was one of those ‘stuff it’ moments, if he wouldn’t change I would have to. So I did. A decision that, within a year had moved our family to another city, so I could return to University. It was the start of the unraveling of my belief in god. The start of my growth as an individual, the best move of my life.

My plea to my friends and family, especially women that are stifled by repressive teaching, is that if nothing else, believe that you can make changes in your life, you don’t have to wait for someone one else to change.