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Ex-Christian experiences book

From James Smith --

I am an ex-Christian who is preparing a book on the experiences of ex-Christians with the practices and doctrines of Christianity. The book, which I plan on publishing in 2011, will deal with the basic practices that are common to Christianity (heaven/hell, sin, healings and speaking in tongues, the belief that God knows what we think) and look at their effect on the emotional and mental health of Christians and in particular young Christians.

I am a researcher in European public policy at a very well known English University, but am writing this book as a private individual and alongside my other academic research interests given the experiences that I had with Christianity as a child and young adult. Like many of the testimonies I read, I was badly emotionally exploited by Christians and Christianity and suffered from an intense fear of hell, fear of committing the unforgivable sin, and also hallucinated about the presence of Satan in my house.

I would be very interested in receiving the testimonies of ex-Christians. I would potentially (and pseudonymously) include these testimonies in the book. I am particularly interested in the following topics,

  • Ex-Christians who were very fearful of going to hell or of their non-Christian friends and family going there

  • Ex-Christians who were scared that God knew about their thoughts

  • Ex-Christians who felt unable to balance their doubts/belief in science with their faith

  • Ex-Christians who felt themselves excessively burdened by the lifestyle requirements of Christianity (i.e. no sex before marriage/no excessive drinking or drugs)

  • Ex-Christians who were damaged by charismatic/Pentecostal practices like tongues/healings/slain in the spirit

  • Ex-Christians who were psychologically damaged by Christianity in another way

However, I would be extremely interested in receiving ALL testimonies from ex-Christians and would be exceptionally grateful if readers of could be kind enough to send me their experiences. Further, if people would be willing to let me use their testimonies and they are listed on then I would also be very grateful if individuals could merely email me giving me permission to do this. All emails will be treated strictly confidentially and, if included in the book, pseudonyms will be used for the ex-Christians concerned. The address testimonies should be sent to is,

For individuals willing to help me, I would be pleased to share more details of the project, and to keep them updated concerning the progress of the book.

James Smith