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Freedom and perspective

By Moving On --

I was at the doctor's office today. His office just happens to be on the 6th floor of the doctor's building that is part of the hospital.
View of the parking lotImage by cackhanded via Flickr
Anyone who has ever been to a hospital knows that they can be quite complicated to drive around and find what you're looking for. As I sat in that office today, looking out the window, it didn't really look all that complicated anymore. But car after car wound its way slowly around, the driver looking this way and that to find what building they needed to find.

I thought of my best friend. She is still a Christian, a missionary. But she has so many doubts and questions...the same ones I was wrestling with for so long before I finally gave up trying to find answers for them. And she agonizes over every decision, just like those cars in the hospital complex. Which way is best? What will happen if I take a wrong turn? Will I miss the right way? How much time will I lose if I have to go back and fix a mistake?

But my view from that office was so much better. I could see so much more of the road and the complex itself. I could see so many more opportunities, and know that none of them were irreversible or dangerous.

That's what it's like for me now, being an ex-Christian. I can see more of the road, more of the complex. And instead of agonizing or driving at the speed of a turtle and giving myself whiplash to see where I should be going, I just drive. And if I make a "wrong" turn, I just take the next turn and go back to where I need to be, or go forward to something else...or I just stop and take a nap. ;) Freedom and perspective are fantastic things!