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Why we have to keep trying.

By SeageVT --

We have the hardest task of any group of mutually feeling people. To undo what has been done. Christianity is a crutch; an addiction, if you will, and us? We are the clinic down the street who everyone hates. Who no one wants to go to. “I don’t have a problem.”

Blindfold game 2Image by Lee Carson via Flickr
They’re blind.

Christianity will not be dead for a long time, but we are the ones who must fight for the rest of the world’s freedom. Freedom from ancient beliefs that are not applicable to the modern world. Freedom from the idea that a human can not be good unless in the eye of God; free from believing that you can’t do good if it isn’t for God. Free from the belief that if an Atheist does a good deed it doesn’t count because we haven’t prayed for our forgiveness from God! Freedom from a tyrannical bed time story, called God.

But the world is at a stand still. New things being invented, new findings, new ideas, but still, as a pool of untouched water; a thick layer of ice on top. The ice is cold, like the feeling of religion, on my skin. I can not break it alone, and if I don’t, we will die. We will all fade. Help me break this sheet of mythology that holds us underwater as we drown.

Help me let them see that there is a better way. That we don’t need to believe that we don’t have control. Let them see that WE control our lives, WE control the outcome! Let them see that the world controls the world! Everything that has happened to us is caused by us!

Let’s help them see their addiction, and let’s help them get back control.