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I have some questions

By John --

I'm not to far away on the verge of de-converting myself, but how do you or I go against people's experiences?

QuestionsImage by Oberazzi via Flickr
I've heard some mighty claims coming from variations of so-called-Christians over my years, and let me give you examples of their claims below.

I've heard one person say he has prayed for the rain to stop for X reasons and it did happen. I've heard people say God has blinded the guards when this guy had many Bibles in his car. I've heard people saying they have seen Jesus and even seen angels. I've also heard people say they seen the Devil himself. I've heard people say they had visions from God. I've heard people say they have heard God's voice in an audible way. I've heard people like this person named Mary Baxter who was taken to Hell by Jesus. I've heard people say God has magically put gas in their cars when no gas was in it. I've heard people say many other things as well, and some are darn right impossible to be done and defy all logical explanations. Yes, I believe the people who make these mighty claims are in the extreme minority, but how do you refute these? Are they all hallucinating? are they nuts? are they mentally ill? Is it pure psychological or psychosomatic effects? are they lying? Or are they just plain delusional?

What about Ghosts? Physics? Alien abductions? Those spirit boards, so forth and so forth. are all these claims just plain false? and after reading the atheist side and the skeptic side like on've become very skeptical on all these things now. So far everything has a natural and logical explanation for it. And whoever is reading this I'm sure you know humans can have a wild imagination.

I also now wonder why humans believe in this stuff when the evidence seems to be very lacking for any of it. death itself is very frighten. this is one thing you can have never have control over and even people in power will meet the Grim Reaper sooner or later. And I can see why now people would make up things and believe in a soul and all that stuff. life can become very tedious and repetitious, so why not believe all this woo stuff as some like to call it. it can make life a bit more interesting by believing it.

I'm still on the process de-conversion. it's not easy to do. if anything, it's a painful experience.