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Only 'Holy' gods need apply

From UncagedCardinal --

Hi everyone, I'm new here, just recently out of religion.

God Hates SinImage by danny.hammontree via Flickr
I was a professional musician for 35 years (until my arthritis got too bad). As part of that career I played organ in hundreds of churches and many cathedrals. I played keyboards in many 'modern-church' bands. I enjoyed the music but often found the words to the hymns/songs rather suspect.

I must have heard thousands of 'sermons', from hundreds of 'preachers'. They talked and preached about god's 'Holiness' over and over. We read from the supposed 'Holy' bible. We prayed like eternal sycophants to 'The most 'Holy' God', (as opposed to the other 'unholy' ones ?) We sang over and over in different conotations 'Holy, Holy are you Lord God' , and, 'You are the most Holy', 'Holiest in the heights', and, 'You alone are Holy' etc; etc; as though somehow being 'Holy' was the (impossible for us apparently) thing to attain.

But, you know something ? after all of those years, after hearing all of tjhat 'Holy' preaching, from a 'Holy' book, in hundreds of 'Holy' buildings. After all of those (Holy) songs and hymns, I still cannot get my head around what the word 'Holy' is supposed to mean to a christian.

I've yet to find a Christian who can actually define this (apparently man-made?) concept.of what 'Holiness' is. And why is this vague-state-of-being something that Christians hold in such sychophantic esteem ?

Can anyone here remember from their Christian days, what the word 'Holy' was supposed to mean?