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What if it is real?

From Laura --

I'm sorry to write again, but I actually have a question that has been bothering me. Know that I have dismissed the Christian god and the bible completely, so this is not me defending Christianity... it's confusion.

OK, so two years ago I was prayed over to be "Baptized in the Holy Spirit." The feeling I got... it was like I got weak and warm all over, and dizzy, and I couldn't stop crying... and I actually spoke in tongues (not faking).

I want help debunking whatever happened here. If god and Jesus aren't real, then this thing that happened to me must not have been real, and I want help proving to myself that it was just psychological. It was a powerful experience though... and the tongues felt real.

Of course now it seems idiotic to me and I'm embarrassed, but it keeps coming back like something is saying, "What if it is real? You felt SOMETHING really strong!"