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Where do you go for help?

A letter from darklady --

It occurred to me this week after being a general lurker on this site for a while, and finally joining recently, that having a safe place to meet like-minded people is really important.
The Air Grew DenserImage by Pensiero via Flickr
Obviously, christians have churches. I didn’t realize how much I was suffering from not being able to freely talk about what I believe. I can’t at home, as my husband is still a believer (although thankfully not a church goer), and I have concluded that he fears that as I am no longer a Christian, I will no longer have any moral guidelines. This is making conservation difficult. I really like what I recently heard Richard Dawkins say, (and this is the general idea not a quote) that he would rather have a set of morals based on intelligent and reasonable discussion than morals based on the ramblings of a group of uneducated goat herders from thousands of years ago.

I can no longer keep quiet about what I think. This will make life interesting, if not difficult, but I am up to the challenge knowing that there are many others who struggle with similar situations.