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Thirty years free

By Free Man --

It is very gratifying to read the personal stories of each contributor.
I am a Free ManImage by via Flickr
I identify with each and every one of you. I have been an ex-christian for over thirty years and I have prospered beautifully since walking away. Trust me it is better to live your life based upon reality (what you can see/hear/touch/taste etc) rather than so-called religious truth.

In my case I studied scripture and theology for years before admitting to myself that there is no such thing as the word of god.

It took a while for me to stop lying to myself because I actually wanted it to be true.......but thankfully I did. Once admitted though the freedom of being able to think and feel for myself was overwhelming. The guilt and the shame was gone.

A word of advice though. The god delusion (excuse the borrowing) will cling to many and this is the final belief that has to be abandoned before you can be free.

There is no reason to think that god actually exists or that he has a special book....this is an illusion. Remember the world of reality does NOT include faith in anything. It was the embracing of faith that got you into problems in the first place.