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God's existence doesn't matter

By Alegria --

Imagine a dictator who tells the citizens of his country to support him and do what he says, or else he will torture them mercilessly. Furthermore imagine this dictator as promoting himself as a fatherly figure, a guide for the nation, a loving dad for all the citizens.

I would now like to direct your attention to two people, 'Uncle Joe' Stalin, also known as the 'Little Father of the Peoples' or 'Papa Stalin'; and to God.

Do we condone Stalin's acts, claiming that he had no choice but to initiate the Great Purge to demonstrate his love for the USSR? Do we claim that he is nothing but a wonderful man, and that anybody he has tortured, maimed, or killed deserved it, because they didn't support Papa Stalin and love all that he loved, and shun all that he shunned?

For me, there was never any point debating God's existence. I do not care whether God exists or not.

Even if he did exist, I would not even bow my head to him, he does not deserve an inkling of respect from little ol' me. Why do Christians fail to notice the irony and hypocrisy of their criticizing dictators such as Stalin, Hitler, Sadam Hussein, Kim Jong-Il or Hu Jintao? Why do they claim these people are evil and ruthless and must be killed, and then retreat to their churches to pray to their Big Dictator in the Sky? Surely we, that is to say, society as a whole, should be condemning this invisible menace with his hate-filled slander and clear lies, claiming to be a great fatherly figure then throwing people to Hell for not adoring him and claiming it was their own fault?

Ah, but I forget, this is religion, and any wrong condoned by religion is automatically a right, no explanation or questions needed, or wanted if you value your soul.