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The Logic of Christianity

By Peter ~

How do I begin the process of trying to ascertain the logic of Christianity? Well, I suppose a little background would be helpful. I am a former Christian who became an atheist who then renounced reason in a dark moment and became a Christian again. The latter was only a short lived affair, as try as hard as I might, I could no longer fool myself and ignore the utter illogical and unreasonable philosophy that is the religion of Christianity.

Back to my original thesis on the logic of Christianity, never one to opt for the simplistic argument I nevertheless believe that Christianity has its own simplistic worldview. Basically it boils down to the following.

God decided to make mankind because he is a petulant child who needed lesser beings to worship and praise him. Of course this begs the question why would an all power force who rules the universe, is omniscient and omnipresent have a human style ego that needed the gratification of hero worship? Or is this anthropomorphic all powerful being merely a reflection of the humans who invented him?

Then after he placed an obvious and open enticement to the humans right before them and yet forbid them from eating the fruit of this attractive nuisance, he became angry and banished them from the perfect garden and to death, along with all their progeny forever after. Of course an all knowing all seeing omniscient force would surely for see the silly, weak and stupid creations would transgress. So who then is really at fault? If I leave a loaded gun within the reach of a toddler, despite the fact I order him to not touch the gun, if he picks it up and kills someone under the law I would be rightly liable for the death. Since God is an anthropomorphic entity, it is fitting and just we judge him by the same standards.

After he casts out the humans he picks one certain tribe to be the chosen ones, alternately allowing them to be put into slavery and allowing them to commit genocide against the peoples who live where he tells them to settle. After more plagues, punishments, captivities and the like, he finally sends unto them a messiah. But that messiah, who is really him, has other plans. He turns the previous entire Old Testament upside down and changes from behaving like a tyrannical, petulant and typical near eastern, bronze age despot to a loving, compassionate healing God who wants to save all of us from the hell he created.

So ultimately he sends himself to sacrifice himself in a tortuous death, to appease himself for the errors of the humans he created and who he knew would be enticed into the act that pissed himself off in the first place. That is the ultimate one sentence meaning of the entire Christian Bible. They could have saved us the trouble and printed this one line on a bubblegum wrapper. At least I wouldn’t have had to wade through reading this drivel several times while a Christian in an attempt to understand and know the “word of God.”