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The Idolatry of physical fitness

By Cf Surfer ~

HHello all! This is my first post to this site.

I left Christianity a long time ago and never really worked out my issues so I'm glad I found you all. I had a really bad break down a few years back. During that time an old friend looked me up. We were very good friends. We used to surf and go to church a lot.

Now he's a Pastor.

Day 260 - Good MorningImage by John Carleton via Flickr
So, we decided to meet up which I had bad feelings about doing but did anyway. We stayed in contact with each other on the phone for a while. I needed a lot of reassurance from anyone and everyone at the time. So I told him I'm getting a gym membership and asked him "What do you think about that?" He replied you have to be careful that you don't commit Idolatry. I never heard of that one before. But, because I was in such a fragile state it bothered me pretty bad. All I wanted to do was get healthy and make myself feel better.

I think most people would have been more encouraging instead of telling me that I could be on a slippery slope. What a jerk!! I did some research on the Internet about this topic. It's interesting how some narrow-minded Christians believe that exercising too much to make yourself feel and look good is some how a form of "Idolatry" or "sin." Ever since then it has fucked with my head.

I've always been athletic, and ever since this lame-ass told me that, I haven't been reaching my full potential. So I just wanted to get some feed back. I don't think their's a damn thing wrong with being fit or physical fitness.

Thanks for reading.