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I'm Sick of Excuses

By Rebekah ~

When taken as a whole, the overwhelming amount of ignorance, savagery and immorality that exudes from the dark minds of the men who have imposed these thoughts and ideas on us called scripture, and have also assigned these thoughts to have come from the creator of the universe, have caused me to reject the bible as an authority. When claiming the bible as an authority, one cannot accept the good while ignoring the bad. Even the empty threat of agonizing torment for longer than billions and trillions of years because I don’t think the same way the men who wrote the bible think, is not enough to persuade me to accept the proposed “good news” of Christianity. The promise of immortality also is not enough to persuade me to believe. It is suspicious to me that, “You will not surely die,” was the lie told to Eve by the serpent in the book of Genesis. I will gladly accept death as an end, than eternity in heaven, while most of God’s creation is in a supposed place of eternal suffering. How can anyone accept this belief without completely eroding the morality and empathy that is instilled within him/her? Countless millions have already died without knowing the name of Jesus, or having not believed in his literal existence.

If you have something true, something meaningful, something pure, something simple, for me to believe, then surely I will accept it, but the god of the bible I simply cannot. This book called the bible that is thousands of pages long, written by many anonymous men and edited repeatedly, full of errors, proclaiming despicable thoughts and worthless laws (such as Exodus 21:7), and consistently perpetuating an undeniable pattern of punishment that far, far exceeds the scope of the crime. This is not justice.

If you have something true, something meaningful, something pure, something simple, for me to believe, then surely I will accept it, but the god of the bible I simply cannot. Any man can write a book and claim that he is inspired by God, but no human being is capable of forging the beauty, complexity, and interdependencies of nature. When the book contradicts reality and aspects of nature that we all can freely observe, such as dinosaur fossils, and the length of time that is required for the light of the stars to become visible to us on earth, it is evident to me which is the counterfeit. The bible is the counterfeit, and nature is not. Also, only the creator of the universe could instill the law of morality and empathy within me, yet why would he subsequently shatter that very moral code throughout his scripture? Why would the determining requisite for my evasion of eternal torment, be based solely on the level of my credulity? Choosing to believe something did or did not actually occur, is far from being a moral decision. It is evident to me that only men would make such a tremendous error in logic, a God would not. I don’t reject the principles of self-sacrifice, brotherly love, forgiveness or mercy. I simply do not believe the bible is authoritative.

If the argument is made that we must understand the context of the bible in light of “the custom of the day” in which these verses were written is a valid excuse for its “seeming immorality,” then what good possibly could come from us continuing to follow this bible? At this point in time, reading about “the custom of the day” 3,000 years ago is simply offensive, and futile and to actually believe that the creator of the universe would change so drastically in what he does and does not consider to be moral is also offensive. Many are taking these “customs of the day” too literally, and are also picking and choosing which “customs of the day” are supposed to also be applied today (such as issues of homosexuality). I do not accept this as a legitimate reason to overlook the massive immorality displayed by God “in the custom of the day.” It certainly doesn’t add to the believability of the claim that the bible should be my current authority.