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By Their Fruits Shall Ye...

By Finkelwitz ~

Buddha and Jesus are probably the two most influential spiritual leaders of all time. But if we look at the products these two have produced, they are vastly different.

fruitImage by plumandjello via Flickr
Buddha's message of peace and love, created nations that are remarkably free from war, and even freer from cruelty towards mankind. Jesus' followers are unrivaled in their violent excesses. The Crusades were a bloodbath of murder and mayhem. The inquisitions in Spain, Austria and the Netherlands, like the Crusades, had purification of the soul as their rationales, but were the exercise of bestiality and barbarism that none but the Christians themselves ever surpassed.

Christianity has a history of eighteen centuries of torture and genocide, that makes even the Muslims look like pikers. Ranting and raving about combating Satan, the latter is a rank amateur compared to the unspeakable cruelty practiced on an enormous scale by Christians throughout history.

Jesus himself was careful to establish a cop-out at the very beginning, by saying (paraphrased) "When I come, there will not be peace on Earth. Son will fight with father, mother with daughter, etc." So then, why come? Who the hell needed you? All the monstrous behavior of Christians including, pedophilia, murder, the KKK, the skinheads, the Aryan Nation, et. al.,must be laid at the feet of Jesus. He is the figure to which they all turn, to whom they pray, whom they believe to be their God.

Christians however staunchly refuse to allow Jesus to be blamed for any of it. This injustice along with all the rotten history, has just about eliminated the Church as a force in Europe. Hopefully, one day Americans will also see the infection of this false Messiah, and the virus it's caused in our country.