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Satan Wrote the Bible

By Carl S ~

Before you Christians protest too much, consider this: what other book makes God look like a maniac, and cold-blooded, indifferent, punitive and pompous, i.e., a supreme sociopath? What other book has caused so many murders, confusion, strife, genocides. What other source has such blatant, contradictory claims and has gone virtually unedited from the first, wherein, furthermore, its "witnesses” testimonies wouldn’t be accepted in the smallest courtrooms of the USA? Where else, even in ancient texts, will one find genocide portrayed as virtuous?

There's an old joke about a man going around before a play's performance. He is shouting, "Buy a program, get a program; you must have a program. Without a program, you can't tell the Lord from the Devil." Indeed...

The bible is a book of lies by the father of lies, with just enough facts and actual places thrown in to make it acceptable to the gullible. Tell me that it isn't so. Prove to me differently - or better yet, prove it to yourself. In the meantime, I expect you’ll continue to wave that vile book around in your cocksure, pompous way.

Believers keep writing new programs in attempts to align bible-god with the god they profess to believe in, but that Satan ghost-written book still refuses to agree, after thousands of years. What's wrong with this picture? As an instrument of divisiveness, strife, and overall condemnation of human nature, you have to admit, Satan couldn't do any better.