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Flatlined__________and still no prayers

By Summerbreeze ~

Life can throw us some weird coincidences. I had typed my article "Entering the NO-FUN ZONE" ( about the health benefits of laughter )to Dave on a Monday. Then three days later I flatlined three times in 14 minutes. The day prior to my flatlining I had been outfitted with a cardiac event monitor because of weird squeezing sensations in my chest. (This is a little box that you are wired up to 24/7 & you wear it.)

FlatlineImage by zerok via Flickr
Three Doctors called me in the space of five minutes, telling me that I needed a heart catherization and a pacemaker.

"WHO, ME ?!?"....."I'm too young," I cried to them.

I was horrified and mad. All of a sudden I felt very old... How could someone who was Jr. High School age when she idolized James Dean, Natalie Wood & Ricky Nelson need a pacemaker?!

In a nut-shell, I had the heart catheterization, then the pacemaker surgery. Never during the entire time from beginning to end did I feel the desire, need, or want to pray to a "god" for help.

I had passed the test that I always knew would come some day.

I thought about a quote that I often glided over while reading my "The Atheists Bible"
"Nah, there's no bigger Atheist than me. Well, I take that back. I'm a cancer screening away from going agnostic and a biopsy away from full-fledged Christian."
----Adam Carolla

P.S. -- I still highly endorse laughter to keep us healthy, more than likely if I hadn't done so, so often, I'd be in a lot worse shape.