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The pleasures of being ignorant

By Dano ~

It's ok to be ignorant about god. I am even willing to admit to having an almost absolute conviction that there is no evidence of anything like Bible God, being "out there" I also believe that if organized religions hadn't taken over their minds, most people would admit to being ignorant also.The majority of people won't admit it though because of the connotations of what the word ignorant implies. Let me tell you, realizing that I was completely ignorant of what god is, never mind what it wants from me, has been the most freeing and satisfying conclusion I have ever come to, and then to realize that every person on this planet is just as ignorant as I am as to whom or what created everything, is like being born again.

Now I think most people on this web site would be willing to agree that I lack a few to many literary refinements to be considered educated or at least that it is fairly obvious that I am not one of the most complicated thinkers here, like those, who have the ability to methodically take apart what the religious wing nuts, who stumble into Ex-Christian and decide that they are going to reconvert the de converted, say. I love reading the comments by our resident geniuses, as they meticulously school the Christobots on "real" critical thinking, and then watch those masters of apologetics stumble back to their Jesus lovin blogs, where they are used to everyone being in agreement about their bronze age mythology. Some at least are on their way to becoming agnostics and atheists by that time. I sincerely believe the world becomes a safer place when that happens.

I realized long ago that one of the most important things we can learn, is to know what we don't know. Once we are aware of the library's full of knowledge about stuff we have never even heard of much less know anything about, it's easy to look at what is the most complicated subject of all, "What is God" and say "I don't know and I'm pretty sure no else does either. Such a simple concept, but so many people are brainwashed by religious cults that stunt and discourage critical thinking by their captives that billions of people go through their lives, not able to see the most obvious contradictions and illogical aspects of their belief, and live and die in their ignorance.

Of course those ancients who are responsible for creating 'him" came up with an old man up in the sky, with all of the characteristics as themselves, with a few really good enhancements such as omniscience, omnipotence, and omni benevolence, and since the beginnings of civilizations, that has been good enough, but now, with the advent of computers and the Internet, it becomes fairly obvious that the average six year old knows more about what our universe consists of, and how it works than bible God does.

So I guess I'll just continue muddling along through life with the firm belief that Darwin got it right and knowing that at least I belong to the smartest monkey like group, at the top of the food chain, see, and being a smart, good monkey, with all of the bananas (and pizza) I can eat, will have to do until the Hawking's and Einsteins and the rest of those theoretical string theorists guys, settle on what caused the big bang and then what caused that, and what caused that, and....