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Christianity Promotes Ignorance

By Dice ~

First and foremost, I am honored to come to this site. This is what the internet is all about, sharing ideas. The new renaissance is upon us.

If anyone were to study the christian faith in the historical context, what they would discover would be amazing. Many do not do their own research today, instead they accept what is passed down without confirming any of it through their own study. This does not mean that society has become passive, it means that society has become both lazy and very gullable.

In truth, there are many examples from the study of history that reveals that christainity is indeed a cult. You also have branches of cults that spring from this religion. One of the most famous of these come from the medival period known as the flagellants. This group persecuted and murdered countless people in the name of religion. You also have the pilgrims from the dawn of america whom started their own realm of religious persecution through the event known as the Salem Witch Trials. This it not the first time this took place.

In medival europe, there were many periods of religious persecution in which multitudes were falsely accussed of witchcraft. Some say that Islam is a hateful religion, others say chrisanity is hateful. In truth, religion by its very nature despite the title is hatefull. The question to this as to why this is, is verly seldomely asked. Religion is often rigid. It is a means of controlling people in the masses through a medium of social deception. How do you think the catholic church remained such a powerful entity for such an extended period of time. The root of religion and its ability to grow and sustain itself is through fear. Christainity is definetly a fear based religion. Fear is the common denominator. Without the use of fear, christianity would be weak. That is why you often hear pasters speaking about condemnation most of the time. The idea is to make people afraid enough that they submit to the cult for the fear that if they dont, you will perish in the life to come. America for instance has become the new medival europe. There are more churches in america than wal-marts. There is almost a church on every corner.

If you noticed, almost everyone today seems to declare themselves a christians in some form. Some say that they are mormon, baptist, catholic, etc. In truth, these are all branches of the same cult which is christianity. What is interestesting, is that most christians do not view themselves as cult members even though the dictionary definition of a cult and its properities are allighed perfectely with christanity. It appears that people are not just deceived, they wish to be. Why would anyone wish to be deceived? People desire to belong to something, especially if it is popular and since this is a christian nation due to the large self proclaimed christian populace, it is easy to fit into the crowd.