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Just realized there's no God

By Pars ~

It's a sad day, but a good day for me because on the one hand I discovered an important truth, but on the other, that truth is a bit upsetting. I finally understand there is no God after 34 years on the planet. I was never a big Jesus guy, though I was a Catholic (non practicing) for many years. However, I had always maintained a belief in God until that begun to erode when I researched Christianity. I would learn that my faith was pure nonsense.

The reason I finally looked into my faith closely after 34 years was that I met and became friends with a woman who is a Born Again Christian. I was concerned by some of her religious views and how they governed the decisions she made about her life. When she realized I was not interested in converting to her faith she basically wanted far less to do with me. That was hard to accept, especially since she had seemed so nice and I love her 6-year-old daughter, who is the cutest thing ever! This woman seemed kind of bipolar-- I would know what that looks like, as my sister has the disorder. People tell her to get help sometimes, though I warned her against that due to first hand knowledge of the dangerous medications.

"The worst truth is better than the best lie".Anyway, I'd run into her and she would always claim to have not read my emails, which was insulting. So, eventually I told her in an email that her religion may be doing her more harm than good. Eventually I just let her know  I didn't desire a friendship any longer since it was so one-sided. I told her she was basically in a cult, just like my Aunt who is a member of The Way International. I told her I studied cults in college and that her religions characteristics were virtually indistinguishable from those of cults. She emailed me back stating that she wasn't in a cult and that she honestly hadn't gotten around to my emails. This woman's husband seems to take the whole "submission" tenet very seriously, as he seems to completely control and enslave her. It's a relief not to have to watch it anymore, frankly.

Anyway, as I researched Christ, I noticed there was no real evidence that he existed, let alone was some magical son of God. That didn't come as a shock, since again, God, not Jesus, had been my focus as a spiritual person. I was always like, "Why the hell does God need Jesus to save us from our sins if he is all powerful and they are the same person anyway?" Then I started to wonder whether God too may just be a myth and I found a site that offers like 38 proofs for why He is just that. The proofs are so well done. I used to write essays in college explaining why a certain thing was true or untrue and I always went so in depth in my arguments and evidence. Just because these arguments and this evidence went against what I wanted to believe, I couldn't dismiss them. I was relieved to have the truth, in fact. It is also sad though because I, like anyone, wishes there was life after death. My family had a saying it valued probably above all others and it is as follows:
"The worst truth is better than the best lie".