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By Carl S ~

As a writer, I try to be very careful to know the meaning of the words I use. This involves not only articulation, but verification. As someone once pointed out about Western civilization, the phrase, “the Word was made flesh” has significant importance in our development, and so has the phrase, “the pen is mightier than the sword.” When in doubt, I consult the dictionary, usually finding more to the word than I expected.

I swear that these flowers look like a penisImage by zampano!!! via Flickr
One word that’s getting a lot of usage lately is “seminal.” Just what are they talking about? In the contexts of commentaries and discussions, it means, “providing a basis for further development.” It also means “creative,” and, get this, “of or relating to semen.” On the same page are found “seminary” (school for the training of priests, rabbis, ministers), “seminar,” again, same Latin root word, semen, a seminar being a “seed plot.”

According to the searchable bibles at, the word “seed” appears 254 times in the King James Version. So, while we are considering the Bronze Age texts, we might also think about the fertility religions which Abrahamic religions borrowed from. We should.

Many years ago, I read a book by John Allegro, a scholar of comparative religious texts, pre-Bronze Age included - Ancient Greek, Latin, Egyptian, Sanskrit, etc. Professor Allegro wrote in “The Sacred Mushroom and the Cross,” of translating texts in search of their root words, to ascertain if they were speaking of common beliefs. He mentions in this book that the initial root word to describe the deity, “God,” means: giant penis. (Also the subject of a fictitious archaeological find in James Michener’s novel, “The Source.”)

The monotheistic god is a father, not the mother goddess of fertility. The penis has returned. And, naturally, this god favors and rewards males and male offspring, telling them that their “seed” will prosper, shall be as the sands of the desert, that many children will be their blessings. “Increase and multiply, fill the earth,” is an oft-repeated command. Plant the semen/seeds, and voila! - bumper crops all around.

It’s very important to keep in mind another matter in reading these texts; they also believed that the male carried the entire baby in his sperm (a “homunculus” or “miniature man”), that the woman was merely the fertile ground (and cursed is the woman who isn’t), just as seeds produced plants. This explains why it is a major immorality to ”waste” that semen.

This explains a LOT. For instance, why only males are listed in their genealogies, and why, when pagan tribes were annihilated by the Israelites, virgins were kidnapped for the implantation of the Chosen male People’s seed. It also explains why a virgin can be impregnated by a god, as is stated in Genesis, Ch. 6, where “the sons of God went into the daughters of humans, who bore children to them.”

Enter reality. Here’s a MAJOR problem for bible believers: it doesn’t work that way. The chromosomes come half from the father and half from the mother for ALL progeny, including Jesus, those OTHER “sons of God,” and the pagan virgins kidnapped to become fertile ground to create more “pure” chosen people. So you always had fifty percent pagan genes that their god was not aware existed!

There we have it: Bronze Age Fertility religion smashes up against the reality of life - again. Yet, in the 21st century, they’re still preaching masturbation is immoral, homosexuality is “unnatural,” because it “wastes” seed and produces no progeny, and abortion is murder. This explains also why many believers STILL regard women as property, and would prohibit them from having control of their bodies in which a male has implanted his seed, even in cases of rape or incest.

This absolutely obsessive tradition of HOLY seed has to cease; this madness of having more and more children in a fully populated world, is bible-based. Seed-obsession is causing suffering, starving, stonings, botched abortions, deaths and many other human rights violations everywhere monotheist religions have, or strive to have, domination.

It is imperative to confront that father-figure-big-penis-god, to stop worshipping it, that passionate erection that commands louder than reason, sanity, conscience, and justice, too often and in too many lives. If that god is a “spirit,” just why is it male? Or has that been cleared up by now?

In the realm of emotions, sometimes a song is not “just a song,” a game is not “just a game,” nor words “only words,” and beliefs “only beliefs” (although THEY actually are). But sperm is only sperm.

Evolution is everywhere, including the adaptability of religion, which often ignores the obvious in endeavoring to conform to civilizing influences. But, the “words of the lord,” are forever, so they are in the root systems, even now. Like evolutionary evidence, once you become aware of it, the more examples you find of it.

Don’t take my word for it. (That’s how you got trapped into your former beliefs- trusting and believing someone else’s claims.) Read John Allegro’s beginning chapter of “The Sacred Mushroom and the Cross.” Also check out his credentials.

[A final message to believers of every religion: With your FAITH, you CAN’T be wrong.]