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Pastor Charged With Driving Under The Influence, Child Endangerment


Highway Patrol arrested Jake Young early Saturday morning. He's a pastor at North Anderson Community Church, Presbyterian in Anderson.

Young is charged with driving under the influence and child endangerment. He is out on bond.

News Channel 7 spoke with Pastor Young at his home but said he did not want to comment. Young said he would address the charges with his congregation and the church board.

News Channel 7 also spoke with members of North Anderson Community Church, Presbyterian on Sunday, they said “everyone at the church knows him and loves him. The congregation talked about it in church this morning and they said everything is fine.”

South Carolina Highway Patrol is concentrating its Sober or Slammer campaign in Anderson and Pickens counties. One hundred and thirty one violations were given out.

"If you think back last year, South Carolina was seeing an improvement, until the 100 deadly days of summer. That's the time between Memorial Day and Labor Day," Cpl. Bryan McDougald said.

"Anything that takes half of our lives on the highways we have to stop it," he said.