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Antichrist? Look in the mirror...

By Bob R of a priori blues --

298/365 look into the mirrorThis video of "Doctor" Tim LaHaye of the (Left Behind, Book 1) Left Behind series fame) talking about Barack Obama ushering in the end times gives me an opportunity to reiterate the "you hate what you are" truism regarding Fundamentalists.

As always, with Fundamentalists, you can count on one thing:  They accuse the "other" of what they are most guilty of themselves.  They claim that people "worship" Obama, and that's part of why they think he's the anti-Christ.  (Remember that McCain/Palin ad calling Obama "the One", which is code for calling him the Antichrist according to the Left Behind series?) But, the truth is, they're just projecting their own tendency to worship their heroes on to the rest of the world, ignoring the fact that the outside world isn't part of their group because it isn't interested in demagoguery and hero worship.

Here's what they did when Bush was President (from the film Jesus Camp):

Also, here's what they do today with regard to "Christian" leaders like Sarah Palin.  Here's a random quote from here Facebook page:
"You, Sarah Palin, represent and live this Truth and Liberty, and that is what they hate most. They can't do anything else but to try to destroy you and what you represent.... God is with you along with millions of Americans."

So, who's the antichrist? Fundamentalist, look no further than the mirror to see the mark of the beast written all over your face.Then there's Glenn Beck.  He's hugely influential among Fundamentalist Christians (the same crowd that's always on the lookout for False Prophets and anti-Christs).  Here's just one out of a million instances of this--Q90 FM, a Christian Radio station, had supported a concert called LifeFest for over a decade. Upon learning that Jim Wallis, a fellow Evangelical and founder of Sojourners, was invited to speak, Q90 FM decided to boycott the event. Why? Because Jim Wallis had been publicly critical of Glenn Beck's campaign against "social justice" in Churches. Glenn Beck was calling on all church-goers to walk out of their churches if the pastor spoke about "social justice" because Beck equated it with "Marxism", rather than equating it with what it actually is, namely "Christianity". (I think it would be impossible to speak about the Bible without speaking about social justice, but, that's just because I, unlike Glenn Beck, know a lot about the Bible. But I digress...) You can read about the little dust-up here, where a Christian Radio station actually followed Glenn Beck and tried to oust a fellow Evangelical and trampled the clear message of the entire Bible underfoot because Beck cried "Socialism".

So, how is it that they follow his every word as though it's gospel, yet Beck is a member of a cult or a heresy?  He's a Mormon for Christ sakes.  You don't get much more "false prophet" than that.

So, while Fundamentalists throw the charge of Antichrist around, let's just review:

  • It was common to speak of Bush in quasi-Messianic terms, and he was elected twice because Fundamentalists believed he was God's man. 
  • Check the comments on Sarah Palin's facebook page at any given moment, and you will see clear evidence of hero worship that borders on the idolatrous. 
  • Glenn Beck is a member of a cult that is inimical to Christianity, he is a heretic, and quite literally a "false prophet" and an "antichrist" by Christian standards, given that he holds sway over the minds of millions and exposes them to false teachings that support Mormonism.

So, who's the antichrist? Fundamentalist, look no further than the mirror to see the mark of the beast written all over your face. The rest of the world isn't even playing this game with you, yet you're constantly charging them with the very things you are most guilty of yourself.