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Remember Andrea Yates?

By Carl S ~

Those who remember Andrea Yates’ seemingly never-ending trial know she was found guilty of drowning her three children. Since then, several other mothers have been found guilty of murdering their children.
Medea (about to murder her children) by Eugène...Image via Wikipedia
Were all these children disobedient, unruly, disrespectful, deserving of the death punishment? (Some died in a closed car, coasting into the river. Imagine their screams.)

On a TV courtroom case (Judge Alex), a woman who was being sued by her daughter looked across at her and said, “I brought you into this world, and I can take you out of it.” The mother did not point out all the years of service, her emotional and financial investments involved in raising this “ungrateful” child. And, if she had taken her Bible’s injunction to heart, would have “taken her out of this world” by stoning.

Bring up this case, the Yates story, and the other mothers committing infanticide to Christians, argue for their justifications, and wait for their responses. Then . . . mention the biblical flood. There is just no way to defend drowning children without invoking mental illness or outright malice. No way. You can’t justify extreme parental indifference even if the child acts like a spoiled brat. Imagine the powerful parent murdering the most helpless child; imagine the thrashing about, the cries for help and for mercy, the screams. Just what did they do to be killed in such a nightmarish way? And what about more than a few; what about hundreds, thousands, or even millions murdered by a ”loving” parent?

No one honors or praises Andrea Yates. She has problems. And so do Christians, because they not only honor and praise an infanticidal maniac, but they teach their children to do so also.

That cute little ark with all those cute pairs of animals doesn’t seem so innocent now, does it?