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God is good!

A letter from Gary ~

The Faith HealersAnd you think Christians have a gimmick? Donate to your page for what? Believers (sincere, true, honest believers) offer life and life more abundantly through Jesus who is the Truth, the Way and the Life. What do you offer other than cynicism and emptiness?

You need to reconsider life in God. I've seen God do incredible things in my family, all to HIS GLORY. My mother, aged, dying and in a coma, revived for 15 minutes to tell us of the glory of Heaven, to worship, and then went back into the coma and died. My mother had been "raised from the dead" as a young woman who bled out after surgery.

My father was healed of Wegner's disease, necrotic tissue in his lungs regenerating (impossible) and confirmed by Mayo. I was healed of arthritis. I was healed of hypertension. I was healed of anxiety disorder. I take no meds for any of the above. Can I see through a glass eye like Ronald Coyne you write about? No, I don't have a glass eye! But have I seen the face of God through the eyes of my spirit? Yes, and God is good!