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Papa Pedophile The Pimp

By dealdoctor --

A Scientology Suppressive  

Hello ScientologyImage by StephenMcleod - 6x6 or death via Flickr

The New York Times Online recently has been full of the nightmare that is religion.  Today we hear the testimony of a woman who was psychologically captured by Scientology and was forced to choose between remaining in the organized church and losing her husband. Why such an unnatural choice?   It gets worse.

Papa Pedophile?

In the same issue we read about the present Pope’s decision, when an Archbishop in Germany, to allow reinstatement into parish ministry of a known pedophile priest, who later was charged and convicted of additional  sexual abuse of more children. With all the pedophiles in the priesthood should we change his title from Pope to Papa Pedophile?

Papa Pimp?

Perhaps Papa Pimp would be a more apt title because the March 4th 2010 issue of the Times reported a gay prostitution ring right at the Vatican. This prostitution ring included a ceremonial usher and a member of the elite choir in St. Peter’s Basilica. All this makes one wonder exactly why they named it St. Peter’s in the first place doesn’t it?

It sounds to me like the Scientology girl is not the only one who is a suppressive or should we say a repressive? The celibate Catholic priest, just like Christi King the Scientology girl, is forced to choose between a religious organization and a spouse. That kind of choice  is just is not natural and- nature always wins. Whatever is unnaturally suppressed or repressed will not be held down forever and when it does arise it will not be controlled very well.   No need for us to worry our little laypeople heads about the proper term (repressed or suppressed) for the priestly clients of the gay whore ring at the Vatican. I am sure, as with all things dealing with the Vatican, Father, I mean Papa, knows best. But it is kind of strange how they call him Papa when he dresses like Mama!