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Rejecting Falsehood and Meeting Jesus

A letter from Chris --

I understand much of what is said on this site and agree with a lot of it. When I was about 14 I walked away from the Church because i could not find truth. What I did not understand at the time that many on this site do not understand is that I had rejected counterfeit Christianity. You know there is always a Satanic counterfeit.

pirate parky meets jesusImage by dolly mixtures via Flickr

When i was 18 I met a young man who was differnt. He acted different and felt different. He had a joy and peace I had never had. I was experimenting with Buddism, TM, and other easter religions. I did not find what he seemed to have in abundance. He introduced me to a person, not a religion. That person was Jesus Christ, the son of the living God. I accepted Christ and he came to live spiritually in my heart. Once you have truly experienced it there is no denying the truth.

I don't know if you people will have the guts to post this but if you really believe in truth you will. But I suspect you are not about truth but like false religion perpetuating your spin or idea. It's easy to get caught up in religiosity and Churchianity and lose the fact that Jesus Christ is all he claimed to be. Don't judge Jesus by Churches and people. I know, I made that mistake.

Chris, the seeker