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Some thoughts on God

By Jeremiah --

I realized I could not be a Christian, Catholic or any other thing that associates itself with the Bible when I read the Old Testament. I could see "god" is depicted as a racist

Pensando... / Thinking...Image by foxspain via Flickr

who practices genocide and makes curses that harm innocent people. I mean, the god described in the Bible is no better than Hitler.

I also don't understand how anyone can believe in heaven or hell. Infinity and change are one, so how can there be any such places as heaven or hell. Moreover, why should someone go to hell and spend an eternity there for something they did in this life? People make mistakes and are born into bad circumstances; they develop misconceptions about life or what its about. My point is this: What if you did go to hell and you eventually came to the understanding of your wrong? It doesn't matter?! You're there forever with no chance of redemption?!

I believe that if there is a god who knows everything about anyone than he knows what's wrong with people who do "evil" and he should be able to understand and also know how to coach people away from their "evil" rather than putting them away in a torture chamber... forever.

Lastly, how arrogant is a god who claims that I would be committed to hell for not praying to him personally? God should be happy no matter what name I call him as long as I try my best always to be my best and do what is right, just and humane.