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Just believe!

By Neal Stone --

When I was a kid I was told about this supernatural being that lived above. This being would make me happy and fill my life with joy. He would answer my requests if I asked -- all I had to do was believe.

just believeImage by pattista via Flickr

This being would watch over us and make a list of the living,and promised to return someday to reward those according to their deeds, good or bad.

My parents would tell me how he listens to my requests and would make them come true. "Just believe!"

I had seen many symbols of this being, as well as paintings, carvings, and statues. People really seemed to love him. I even once saw an image of him hung on a tree.

"Never question, just have faith and believe."

On December 25th we would celebrate this being. We would sing his praises and talk about his love for us. We would sing how he would soon return and bring us joy and happiness. Soon we would get our reward.

I would get so excited, but I never ever got to see this super being. I would talk to him, but get no answer. My parents said he heard me, I just had to have faith and believe.

As I got older I started to see the truth and realize it was all a lie, a fable. All that time, money and expense on someone who wasn't even real. It blew me away to realize parts of my life were dedicated to spreading the word about this being and his returning to reward us.

So as an adult I came to the realization that I had to move on. This being was made up and wasn't real. Yes, it was time to deny this being's existence and get on with my life.

So here goes. Ready? I hereby deny the existence of Santa Clause.

The holidays will never be the same.