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Was Jesus Honest With You?

By WizenedSage --

This is written for the occasional Christian believer or questioner who stumbles across this site.

Let me ask you a very simple question. You owe yourself an honest answer. If you are going to have and maintain a close personal relationship with someone, shouldn’t you be pretty sure that person is going to be honest with you? Shouldn’t such a relationship be built on trust? You say you love Jesus, but can you be sure that he loves you? If he loved you, really loved and respected you, wouldn’t he be honest with you? Do you really know that Jesus was honest with you? Let’s look at the facts.

Jesus said that if you had the faith of a mustard seed you could command a mountain to move and it would move, and nothing would be impossible for you (Matt 17:20). Can you move a mountain? Was Jesus honest with you?

Jesus said that his believers would be able to do all of his miracles and even more (John 14:12). Can you perform miracles? Was Jesus honest with you?

Jesus said that he would return, bringing the Heavenly Kingdom with him, before all those of his own generation had died (Mark 9:1). That was 2,000 years ago, so did he return? Was Jesus honest with you?

Jesus said that whatever one asks of him in his name, he will do it (John 14:13). Do you get whatever you pray for? Was Jesus honest with you?

In Matthew 7:7-8 Jesus makes a similar promise, "Ask and it will be given to you ...For everyone who asks receives...” Have you received whenever you have asked? Was Jesus honest with you?

Now I don’t want to call Jesus a liar, but it certainly looks like he was one of those people who would never let the truth get in the way of a good story. In the most basic tests of credibility, he fails miserably, and fails over and over. You know in your heart that Jesus didn’t keep any of those promises he made to you. Not one. Is your mind going 100 miles an hour right now, trying to find excuses for Jesus? Are you going to search the apologists’ take on this now, to try to find why Jesus didn’t mean what he said? Why should this be necessary? On such important stuff, shouldn’t Jesus have been perfectly clear?

You can love and trust Jesus if you want, but he failed me way too many times. I’d feel like a gullible fool to continue to trust someone who had made false promises over and over and failed to keep his word so many times.

Are you perhaps overlooking the obvious here? Could it be that Jesus was a charlatan, a fake, or perhaps delusional? Or maybe someone just made up the whole Jesus story to get you to believe what they wanted you to believe? Shouldn’t you at least consider that possibility? If you take him at his word, directly from the Bible, was Jesus really honest with you? Doesn’t this matter to you? Shouldn’t it?