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Unknown entity becomes a god

By Mark ~

I left Christianity several years ago. I had thought about what it all means and the inconsistencies. The church I went to like many was a "nice peoples club." For those who wanted an alternative life style to people who don't go to church. Many people I knew were just the same deep down as unbelievers. The same hate, cold shoulders, unforgiveness in their social habits towards each other. I don't mean this as a blanket criticism of everyone christian or ex christian. but many made such a pretense over many things. Christianity has so many inconsistencies. The Adam and Eve fairy tale. When you closely examine the story its an unworkable farce. The Garden of Eden. Magic fruit trees, animals which talk to you. God set up a stumbling block for the human race. If god loves like the bible claims then why didn't he put Lucifer on a separate planet.

I don't believe in the so-called god of the bible. I think of god as an unknown entity in the universe that never reveals itself. Its an unknown. I believe there is probably some one or some thing because I believe it impossible for things to have created themselves, put together in an intelligent working order. What ever did it, wasn't the bumbling god in the Adam and Eve story. The world and the universe are too intelligent for that god. Darwin's evolution theory is fascinating. I can accept things evolved from one stage to another. The problem I have is that all living things have a DNA code which makes it for example a dog or a cat or plant. If you trace an animal back through the evolutionary process back to the original DNA cell. It begs the question, Who or what programmed it? No probs with evolution but before that process who programmed it?

In conclusion I am agnostic. I found the concept of Christianity and indeed all religions an gods a human creation. I found Christianity very disappointing. I wasted a good part of my life involved in it.