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Lord,guide the surgeon's hand

By Roger ~

Thirty five years ago, my wife gave birth to a a beautiful baby girl. It was into our sixth month with her that we found that our daughter was deaf. We took this burden to the church and followed our churches tradition to anoint with oil and pray for a healing. Even whenever we were in a visiting church, people took notice of her deafness and pressed us into having an "anointing " session there. I couldn't help but think they had a selfish reason to be the one to"see a great miracle" and take credit for it in some way.

After about the second year,and the umpteenth anointing, I became angry. Enough is enough I thought. These idiots do not have to go home with my family and deal with the frustration and heartache of another failed "anointing."

After I left the church, questions pressed me toward critical thinking. Now whenever the subject of anointing comes up, the first thing I do is start throwing questions at the believer."But, but, I know of someone that has been healed from cancer." "Oh really", I say."Where's the proof on these so called facts?" "I have even heard of people being raised from the dead." (It always seems to be happening somewhere in Africa or another country).

James 5:14 : Is any one of you sick? He should call the elders of the church to pray over him and anoint him with oil in the name of the Lord.

I ask,"Where is a surgeon mentioned?" Did Jesus say, "Go forth and find a surgeon and pray that I guide his hands."

I have also heard, "God lead me to this doctor !" "Really I say?" "I have yet to find a scripture that says that Jesus will lead us to a doctor, in fact, I personally see that as believers having a lack of faith."

Once again,Christians have to find a formula that explains why the sick stay sick after being anointed.I find it highly ironic that a religion that begs for rigorous honesty also begs to explain why a little critical thinking will destroy all concepts of its beliefs.

Oh well, when all else fails,most preachers just pull out that old holiness card.You know, the one where he accuses the congregation of not being faithful or righteous enough and therefore healings are stifled in their church.