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Snow White: Antichrist

By John ~

A friend of mine once proposed to me that Disney's Snow White is the Antichrist. There you see her lying in state while the seven dwarves (who represent the seven churches) bow before her. A prince (the false prophet) comes riding up, kisses her, and restores her to life (false resurrection). Therefore, she's the Antichrist.

Makes sense to me.

The theological underpinnings of Snow White are simply one in a string of Disney tales. Prince Philip (the savior) slays the dragon (Satan) to rescue Sleeping Beauty (the Church). Simba is separated from his father and flees (the fall of man) only to live in an unnatural state until he is reconciled to Mufasa (God the Father). Goofy becomes possessed when he gets behind the wheel of a car (representing how modern science separates us from our true nature in god). And less obvious examples such as Peter Jackson (Pontius Pilot) crucifying the characters of Aragorn, Faramir, and Galadriel (the Father, Son and ...Holy Crap! Are you serious? She wasn't freakish in the book!)

Now, try to point any of these out to a Christian and they will either call you a moron, laugh, or roll their eyes. The same people who think Tim LaHaye's version of the end times has merit will not take you seriously. These seemingly rational people who will talk to you about demon possession will discard your earnest pleas to beware the Dwarf Whisperer (Snow White, aka Antichrist). People who actually think there is such a thing as a "true Christian" will mock you for your Disney-beliefs.

I don't see why? My silly story is no more fantastical than theirs. Maleficent and Satan are both fictitious characters. So what's the big deal?

I keep hoping to come across some radical fundamentalist preacher on the street just so that I can be temporarily possessed by the demon Grumpy and give him what-for. And if he drives that demon away, there are six more for him to contend with.

Make that five. The spirit of Dopey is apparently already at work among the religious.