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Blank Checks

By Andrea ~

Imagine that you are with your life, husband, boyfriend, girlfriend, or anyone else that's close to you. You're with them on the first day of a new year. They ask you what you hope to do this year and you say ''This year I will be a blank check for you(insert their name here). You decide what you want me to do with my life this year and whatever it is,no matter if I like the idea or not,I will do it.I will be like a blank check and you write the cost, of whatever you want,on me and I'll let you ''cash in'' whatever amount you desire from me.'' Then for the next 365 days you do everything this person asks from you.No matter if its insane or if you don't understand any of do it with a smile.Every time you want to say ''What the hell am I doing this for?'',you bite your tongue and instead say ''Thank you for the opportunity to serve you this year.''

Aw isn't that sweet? Isn't that how you showed your love for someone on New Years? We all do this right? Haha... not so much.I would hope that no one reading this has actually done that. Unless you had a lobotomy'... I'm pretty sure no one would be this much of a door mat for someone. Most of the time,if someone has a relationship like this,everyone around them worries about them. They worry that the person has lost their voice in life and has sunk to taking endless orders from people. There is only place, as far as any that I've been involved in,that actually thinks this is a healthy way to have a relationship.That place is Christianity.

All of us, with a good heart, has made a sacrifice for someone at least once right? We've all been to the store and spent the money on a birthday present for someone... even though we were tempted to spend it on ourselves. We've probably all let someone else in the family have a turn to choose the restaurant, even though we didn't really want to eat there that night. Or sometimes maybe its on a bigger level... you cut back on buying clothes for yourself and save money because your daughter wants to take dance lessons. It's a natural part of life right? If we didn't do that once a while it would be hard to survive and no one would be happy. We all know why we're willing to sacrifice for people we love... but how many people know why they are willing to distort that same idea of sacrifice for the sake of religion?

I think that religions like to look at other religions and think they are so dedicated that its ''scary.'' While giving themselves a pat on the back for not doing anything that's'' going overboard.'' To most Christians living now...a girl who is Muslim, and covers here face all the time is living a sad overly controlled life. Yet when it comes to themselves, it's a good thing to say that Jesus has their whole life planned and they will everything and anything he asks of them. Some of them even say to Jesus ''I give you all control.Its not I who live but you who lives in me.'' That's only one of many creepy sayings that I remember from them.

So what is about this God idea? Why is that no one else can do outrages things for their God(or they are called crazy) but when it comes their own God.. they believe he should walk all over them? Why is it that people know where to stop,on the level of sacrifice, when it comes to relationships with actual people but not with God?Why is it that if someone told their best friend that they were going to die to her will and live for her.. people would think she's crazy, but in their ''relationship'' with Jesus that's considered an honorable thing to say to him?

That whole way of thinking just blows my mind because its so scary but, in modern Christians, it only seems to be applied to God.

The truth is.. I did it once and I still don't understand what happened. I'll admit that I was never a total robot(if God asked me to stick my head in the oven for an hour I probably wouldn't have done it) but I was willing let him control most of my future.I don't naturally tolerate being bossed around very much.If someone wants to control me too much then that relationship will probably last five minutes. That's just not my personality to be passive about that. But even I was sucked into the ''let God walk all over you'' way of thinking. So it left me always wondering..what is the deal with that?I was reminded of it strongly today because that hypothetical ''blank check'' idea that I talked about... I didn't make that up.That was real and I saw some Christians talking about how it was who they wanted to be for God this year. But I didn't find it surprising..what else besides religion that convince someone it's good idea to be a blank check?