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Religious Trauma In Childhood

By Fuego ~ 

Hi all, I'm finishing up writing a new book on my conversion and deconversion experiences and the Christian world-view, and would like to ask for your input. I had a lot of excellent feedback on my article "The God of Abuse" ( and decided to go ahead and write an entire book about why I converted, why people convert in general, what the inner life of a Christian is like, how they view reality, how this view affects our local politics and foreign policy, the reasons that steadfast believers tend to deconvert, and common Christian reactions to "ex-Christians". The article I wrote previously has been updated and is a central chapter in the book.

The chapter that follows the God of Abuse is about how the concepts and mental images of the Christian faith can terrorize the imaginative minds of children. What I would like from you folks are true testimonies about how the faith itself affected you as a child, apart from direct physical abuse (unless that was tied directly to the faith). I've heard various people speak of their fear of demons, or of an angry God, or that family might be damned and so on. Please send any testimonies to and let me know if you want your name or pseudonym attached to the testimony or not.

I've come up with what I think is a really good book proposal and am starting to contact book agents, but need to have this one chapter filled out with real-life experiences from you. My hope is that this book will convey our shared experiences with both believers and unbelievers, and hopefully make a bit of a splash. I've done my best to make it factual, but still passionate and not at all dry-reading.

Thanks for your help and encouragement!