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And Still I Rise

By InnocentYetDemonic ~

So I wake up today hearing the familiar sounds of the world around me. I lay there in bed, relishing in the simple pleasure of knowing that I have slept through another Sunday past 10:30 and I only have an hour of Dr.Stanley to hear coming from the den before I can turn my television on. As I get up and start rummaging around to make my bed my grandmother walks in my room to greet me and I expect to hear a nice exchange of "Good morning, did you sleep well last night?" but instead my ears are assaulted by her yelling at me of how I did not thank god for waking me up this morning. I stand there unable to question, unable to defend myself against this raging, one-sided conversation of how I'm 'disobedient' and that 'if not for god I would not be alive this morning'.So after she is done I apologize and she leaves me to muddle in my utter confusion and in a foul mood.

I absolutely hate this. This feeling of complete helplessness that I can't do anything by myself.This feeling that eats away at me that I must show gratitude to some guy in the sky whom I've never laid eyes on, whom I've never heard his voice, of felt a gentle hug from in all the 16 short years of my young life. I'm sorry but why is it that I must thank him when I do believe had it not been for myself regaining consciousness and making the decision to get out of bed I would still be in the mists of sleep.This 'god' has done nothing to wake me up this morning besides the fact of making me feel like I should have just stayed there, in my bed and slept my life away.Now my day is screwed and I'm a little snipping at folk all because of this and it just...urh...

What gets me is that despite not thanking him for all these years still I rise every morning on my own accord.