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Photographic proof there is no god

By older1 ~

People working inside the news business see many photographs not otherwise seen in America, but these sometimes timid professionals shield most Americans from ugly truths with a "no blood for breakfast" attitude. And readers and viewers are also partly to blame because they protest strongly when images appear that challenge their preconceived notions. They would rather hide in their saccharin suburbs, accept the lies of their leaders and ignore the realities that so many people of this world must face.

Chernobyl disasterImage via Wikipedia
People don't want to see photographic proof that there is no god; proof that is everywhere for those who care to look. How could an allegedly loving god cause so much misery, misery that is there for anyone to see?

One person who has seen great tragedy is Paul Fusco, a member of the Magnum photojournalism cooperative. I have no idea about his personal philosophy or whether he is religious or not. But his photos of the Chernobyl nuclear disaster prove to me that there is no god. There is no way any rational person could look at these images and claim that there is some deity out there who has a plan for everything. Christians, look at these images. All of them. Listen to Fusco’s comments. And then tell me that this is part of your god’s plan. If this is what your god does, I want nothing to do with it.