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Test Day

By Bryan ~

The time has come. You’ve taken the class ‘Life, the Universe, and Everything’ and you’re at the end of the year. Of course there’s a final for you to take. This final is one everything that you’ve covered over the year. The teacher tells your class that while using the notes you’ve received all year will certainly help, almost all of her previous students have always bought a study book. You decide to go get a study book at the local book store. When you get there, what you see surprises you.

[42/365] - Life, The Universe, and Everything!Image by Corrie... via Flickr
There are many different study guides for the end of the year. Most of them claim to have all the answers to the test in their book. The Christian Edition says Jesus is the answer for everything. The Islamic Edition says to follow Allah and study Muhammad's teachings. All these different books, offering different answers. The list of study guides you found was almost endless. They all seemed to offer an answer to every question, but didn’t seem to back up any of their answers with proof. All of the books you’ve found so far only have one edition as well. You find it strange that the writers of the book never went back and added to their study guides.

Do you want all the answers to the test, or the right answers to most of the test? Then, you find one book hidden by all the others. It was larger than all the other books, and the book intrigues you. You pick it up and read the title. ‘The Science Edition.’ You open the book and find a disclaimer. It reads, ‘Note: This book does not claim to know all the answers. In actuality, it doesn’t know all the answers. It can’t provide you a hundred on your test, but it can guarantee facts that are backed up by evidence.’ You flip through the book, and it indeed does not have all the answers that all the other books had. At every preposed assertion, however, there was mountains of proof to back it up.

Now it’s up to you; do you want all the answers to the test, or the right answers to most of the test? The choice is all yours.