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"Rapture" & "End of the World" Teaching is terrorism

By Marlene Winell ~

The description on YouTube:

On the occasion of Camping's "Judgment Day" prediction of May 21, Dr. Winell and Tracy Williams discuss the psychological implications of these end times doctrines. This is part of a day-long podcast on The God Discussion. Marlene and Tracy also explain RTS, or Religious Trauma Syndrome, as a real condition similar to PTSD. Religious indoctrination in a repressive, authoritarian religion can be serious child abuse with life-long emotional consequences. Many people are taking steps to recover and there is help available. Go to for more information and resources.

Dear ExChristian reader,

What are your memories of being taught about the "End Times"? Were you looking forward to the rapture, afraid about the tribulation, scared you would be left behind, etc? Did you ever think you were left? What's it like for you now? Do you ever have panic attacks or get worried when bad things happen and you think it's a sign of the end?

I'm interested in your responses because I want to know what the long-term consequences are for people who are taught this end-times theology.

Thanks in advance,
Marlene Winell