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The Final Countdown

By Neal Stone ~

It's been a while since you've all heard from me. Been doing ok, just haven't had the writing bug for a while. But I do plan to pick that up soon. It's been a busy year so have been distracted.

I am thankful this holiday season to have all my friends here who support me. I also am hanging out now with more non-believers and it sure feels good.

Well finally the truth about my no longer being a xian is getting out. My mom just called and questioned me, but i just sidestepped it for now. So I am looking for a little assistance from all my friends here.

I know there will be questions and arguments that I will face. I'm no good at this stuff really accept when i have time to sit down and really think about it. But that won't be the case come Christmas when the family gets together.

So what I want is if you guys can e-mail me the most common questions and arguments you guys have faced and how you answered them. I really want to shoot them down as best as I can and get them thinking. I have one nephew that takes my side and my sister kind of sees my point of view, but still holds onto the fact there is more to the story.

My e-mail is nastone1 AT comcast DOT net That's NA Stone not nas t one. LOL

Thanks for your help.

And remember “Shopping is the reason for the season”. Hmm, funny how giving is limited to a season. Oh, I feel a blog coming on. LOL