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How Ridiculous Can I Sound?

By Dawn Sanders ~

I am a mother of two, & I by no means deny them the right to any one religion. They attend church with my mother who is a Baptist in every sense of the word. She is against so many things but is accepting, in the 'its them not her' way. I am up in the air. Not sure if I believe or not. I guess you could say I rely on the more scientific facts rather than the "adult fairy tales" I heard growing up.

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A few weeks ago my son asked me, 'Mommy, what does God look like?' Not Jesus, who as we all know is portrayed as having long hair & a beard. (Much like most hippies in the 70's but were they worshiped? No, they were cast aside without another thought.) Needless to say I was at a loss of words. What do I tell my 4 year old? I stumbled out that God can look like anyone, that he could be a man or a woman, of any race, and, yes I said it, he has magical powers.

I had to laugh at myself for saying that. I was brought up to believe that God (being what exactly) made the world in 6 days and rested on the 7th. How exactly? I was also raised to believe that magic is merely an illusion, not real in any way. Isn't that contradicting itself?

I also find myself wondering, how, if God made all of us, do the so called Christians think that it is ok to cast the homosexuals, thieves, murderers & liars aside like they're last weeks trash. Are they not the ones that need God the most? The ones that need to be present in church week after week? God made them just as he made us according to the Bible, so why are they considered outcasts? And, since he did make them, does that not make him a bit tarnished?

Organized religion, to me, is an excuse for gossipers to get together & talk about the neighbors yard or sex life or delinquent teenager. Its an opportunity for them to make their lives seem so much more important than those of us that do not attend church.

I guess I believe in evolution more than the mythical illusion of God & his magical powers when it comes right down to it. Maybe I'll be struck by lightening after this is submitted. At the same time, maybe I'll just go on living my life loving everyone & everything as one.