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Christians don't want friends

By Kate ~

I realized something after I left xtianity. A lot of those people I thought were my friends, were not. This may be a "duh" moment to some of you but looking back I think not only do most xtians not want to be friends, they dont know how to be friends. My hubby and I didn't go to church for many years until we met a couple who we shared common interests with. We liked them a lot and spent a lot of time with them. Finally we went to their church. It seemed cool (at the time). Better worship and more laid back. As we became more involved in that church our friends who had led us there did less and less with us. It's as if they only wanted us to get into the church and then they would push us off onto others. After about 10 or so years we left church never to return. We made our new beliefs know and that was the last we heard from those original "friends". Later a mutual friend suggested that we were only a project for them. We needed to be brought to the fold and they took it upon themselves to do just that. I see it now.

I DONT WANT TO BE YOUR FRIEND I JUST WANT TO B...Image by broma via Flickr

I have heard xtian people I had thought were friends say "we cant really be friends, it has to be about god." and "we stopped being your friend when we became your mentors" and so on. One even suggested that the notion of a friend who loves another enough that they would gladly give their life was "weird" and "not normal".

Hello! Isn't that what their supposed Christ did for them, and what a slap in the face to our military and police who put their lives in harm's way for strangers everyday. One church we went to even went so far as to keep the small groups shuffling so that no one became to attached to anyone else in the group! EEK! A friend?!?! Get thee behind me weirdo!! I have managed to keep in touch with a handful (maybe half a dozen) xtian people who I think really are my friends. They are aware of my disbelief but we still hang out and have fun together. But the majority of the xtian people I had known blew away with the wind that washed my mind clear of xtianity. I think it's too bad really. They are missing out on what it means to have a friend and be a friend, and are passing up alot of great relationships. Maybe there will be an afterlife where they look back and realize what a bunch of suckers they were and what all they missed out on...but probably not.